TransAndalus. Day 4: Pampaneira to Instinción

Cycling the TransAndalus – Day 4

I slept well and woke with renewed gusto. I was out early and rode in the shadow of the Alpujarran mountainside. There were no cafes open as I rode through Trevelez, Europe’s highest village, so I pressed on. It was cold in the shade but refreshing to be reliant on keeping myself warm from increased effort.

Monday 8 June 2015

  • Total Distance today: around circa 130km (Garmin died!)
  • Total elevation gained today: over 11,000 feet
TransAndalus. Day 4. Map

TransAndalus. Day 4. Map

TransAndalus. Day 4. Elevation Profile

TransAndalus. Day 4. Elevation Profile


It was a truly magical day: Incredible scenery, beautiful weather, with trails and roads that despite the gradient, were mostly rideable. The only frustrating section was from Juviles; covering 3km of mostly walking the GR-7 path with the bike to Timar.

It was an honour to pass through the beautiful villages of the Alpujarra. The highlight of the day was following the trails from Yator (steep climb!!) through Montenegro and in to Yegen. It was Gerald Brenan’s ‘South from Granada’ book that first enticed me to the Alpujarra and to pass through the village where he lived and where most of his material was set was a big tick off the bucket list.

The rest of the day seemed to go without a hitch. I felt guilty for passing through this most picturesque stage with such relative ease and speed. I could have spent days here.

I bode farewell to Granada and moved in to Almeria. I came across the first ‘open’ grocery stores for days and filled up on fruit and chocolate. About 20km before I finished in Instincion I suffered my only puncture of the day. Shortly after, my Garmin ‘crashed’ and stopped working for the day. It didn’t take too much away from what had been a tough but very rewarding ride through some of Spain’s finest valleys.

I drank more than I should have that night. The waitress in the bar was the icing on the cake – Take a look at her drunken tattoo!

Highlight of the day!

Highlight of the day!

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